Stolen artwork!

30 Nov

So it was brought to my attention over the weekend that someone stole my artwork (Thanks Jr Kishore Ramcharitar – see his portfolio here). I don’t even know where to start on my rant about this. Obviously a true design/art professional would never steal artwork in this manner and I forget about the types of people that would – And now I have to protect myself against them – hopefully not by adding an ugly watermark over my artwork. The point is, I don’t spend hours and hours of work on a poster just to have someone spend 15 minutes in Photoshop to create a poster for a radio contest with their name on it.

As far as I know this was just a Facebook based radio competition in Trinidad with Tariq Ali, the facebook name of the guy who blatantly stole my poster, winning tickets to a Maroon 5 show and unfortunately there isn’t much I can do. The scary part is how much this happens without artists knowing… One interesting thing to note is one of the comments from the Facebook page –  “he personalized it and made it his own..” I’m sorry, but there’s nothing personalized about what he did – it’s my artwork…


One Response to “Stolen artwork!”

  1. jen cortez December 3, 2010 at 8:34 pm #

    personalized it and made it his own!? what kind of delusional person can claim that!

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